When you think of beer you probably imagine fleeting friendships, spontaneous arm-wrestling, and that unparalleled endorphin release that makes you feel as though you can take out the most badass guy in the bar, and dreadful hangovers–sometimes accompanied with a black eye, courtesy of the aforementioned delusion. But one thing you probably don’t consider is the health benefits beer has to offer.

Yea, I know, if beer was the world’s greatest cure we’d all be walking around with black eyes and throbbing temples, but the truth is, certain compounds in beer does indeed have components that can be beneficial to our health. Don’t believe me? Alright, here are a few decisive examples why your hobby isn’t as harmful as it seems.

Kidney Comfort

Researchers in Finland has surmised that a man who averages at least one bottle of beer daily reduces his chances of developing kidney stones by nearly 40 percent. If you are fortunate enough to have never experienced the pain of having to pass one of these monsters, trust me, you may want to consider picking up the habit.

While these researches haven’t been able to decipher the exact link between beer and kidney’s, they speculate that the high number of trips you would make by going to the bathroom due to the excess fluid intake is the main reason. Those of us who drink regularly have grown accustomed to the feverish blunders in dark alleys and fetid bathrooms, but it might comfort you to know that those urinary quests actually keep the kidney’s functioning properly.

No Diabetes

Dutch researches have deduced that beer drinkers are less likely to be diagnosed with diabetes. The guys in the far north must be really passionate about beer; they even went so far as to analyze over 38,000 male health professionals. Among this bunch, they found that once men who weren’t regular drinkers started drinking moderately, over the course of four years, their threat of diabetes lowered drastically.

Confidence booster

Overwhelming confidence may not technically be considered a health benefit, but when you consider the fact that you need it I order to seduce women, prevail in fights, and function exquisitely in social settings, I think it’s safe to assume it’s something along those lines. With that being said, just because beer can be healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you should trade it off for water, as moderation can mean the difference between you waking up with a hot blonde laying on your chest, or waking up with that black eye from showing a little too much moxie.

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