The food you eat has a direct correlation to the type of results you see in the gym. Yea, you already know where I’m going with this, right? As of now, I am demanding you to give up the twinkies, ramen noodles and potato chips in favor of the dreaded “healthier options” that pretentious personal trainers like myself force upon any and everybody who so much as even thinks about a doughnut. Yes yes, healthier options may indeed be intimidating, especially if your skills in the kitchen are on par with a running back’s punting abilities. If this sounds like you then, if you’re serious about making gains, I’d propose that you give mom a call and have her relay the intricate and extremely difficult details on how to operate a toaster oven and a stove top. Now without further ado, Here are 5 essential meals that your muscles will thank you for swallowing.

Eggs and Oatmeal

Ever find it strange how Sylvester Stallone would consume glasses full of raw eggs in the infamous Rocky series? Yes I did to, but it turns out there’s actually a reason for that. While I wouldn’t recommend consummation of raw eggs due to salmonella risks, I would suggest you consume them either scrambled, hard boiled, or (my personal favorite) poached. Each egg you consume contains about 6 grams of top quality protein that does numbers with muscle recovery. Compounding this, eggs contain A, E, K, and B vitamins and essential amino acids that further contribute to optimal muscle restoration.
Compiling this with whole grain oatmeal, which is a fantastic complex carbohydrate that contains an optimal source of soluble and insoluble fiber, with leave you feeling decidedly satisfied and ready to forge through the hectic tasks of your daily routine. Also, this may or may not make a difference to you personally, but oatmeal, for me, tends to quell the dreadful after taste of ingesting one too many eggs.

Chicken and rice

One of the most simple and most effective meals you will probably hear gym-goers speak fondly about is the essential combination of chicken and rice. It’s no mystery that chicken is among the best options when ingesting a nice lean and affordable protein source. It’s also convenient, packed with a myriad of less celebrated nutrients, and is low in fat. Ground chicken, chicken breast, roasted chicken- Jesus, I’m starting to salivate.

As amazing and widely used as chicken is, this food item alone will not peak your daily quota of macronutrients, and that’s where good old rice comes into play. Brown rice, wild rice, parboiled rice, white rice- With so many different types of rice it’s nearly impossible to lose interest in this complex carbohydrate. Rice may not me known for housing an abundance of protein, but when it comes to complex carb options it’s one of the best and most affordable and accessible options on the market. Being a wonderful source of magnesium it also encourages optimal muscle performance and keeps you flexible and energized during grueling workouts.

Beans and rice

It’s not too often I meet people, especially bodybuilders, who are vegetarian, but just in case this person just happens to be you I decided to supply an option that doesn’t contain the yummy carcass of a protein filled animal. Beans and rice, people; it is dirt cheap and packed to the brim with protein. And if I didn’t sell you with that then check this out: the consumption of beans and rice keeps your body satiated (feeling full) and encourages bowel movements when your insoluble fiber consumption may be low. Okay, perhaps this option would not appeal to someone who doesn’t regularly monitor their bowel movements, but to that different breed of person the latter qualities may make this food quite tempting. Nevertheless, beans and rice is a staple in any bodybuilding diet, whether you’re an omnivore, herbivore or anything in between.

Buffalo meat

The first thing I thought to myself when I came across the news that buffalo meat just happens to be one of the more quality protein sources was: aren’t those things extinct? Apparently they are not, but judging by the price per pound of ground bison at my local market you would assume they were. Despite the fact that buffalo meat is absurdly expensive, it is among the ideal choices for athletes across the world due to the abundance of nutrients packed within and it being, next to chicken, one of the leanest protein choices available. If you can afford it then by all means indulge yourself, but if you can’t then you might want to brush up on your hunting skills, grab a spear and do things the old fashioned way.

Pot Luck Surprise

How can I finish this list without exhibiting my own personal invention that has gotten me to the point I am today!? Pot luck surprise, a wonderful meal created by yours truly. It sounds enticing, but I’m not going to lie, it’s not very appetizing. But when you’re young, on your own, and looking to make gains then sometimes you have to improvise. And me being the culinary genius that I am, I decided to grab the biggest pot I could find and mix in quinoa, chick peas, green split peas, lentils, rice, ground turkey, beans, and other miscellaneous grains and legumes and boil it all together to cultivate protein and carb packed meals for the entire week.

Sounds intriguing, right? Well, not really. You get sick of this particular dish after a while, but if you have the sheer will power to engorge yourself with such a concoction, then expect your bedroom mirror to show you some insane results.

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