Below is a list of typical weight-loss methods most people try out at the gym. Not everyone knows however, that these can actually be bad for your body! This year, avoid these workouts in your routine.

Box Jumps

Box jumps AKA jumping on and off of a box seem to be common in workout rooms. What most people don’t realize is that these workouts put you at risk of major injury… including a blown-out Achilles. If you love this exercise, then continue to jump up but lightly step down on your way back to earth. It will prevent you from hurting yourself in the long run.

Vibration Plates

You would think that since regular floor exercises burns calories, exercising on a moving surface would burn even more, right? Wrong. Research actually shows that vibration plates are more effective when paired with a good diet and training program. This will be most effective for weight-loss!

Running Barefoot

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors ran barefoot to escape from saber tooth tigers and other prehistoric animals. And recently, “fingers footwear” had become increasingly popular as it was meant to give you a more natural run with slips for your toes rather than the traditional running shoe. However, studies show that runners wearing minimalist shoes had an increased risk of foot injuries and stress fractures. We definitely do not recommend running barefoot or anything close to barefoot when training.

Sit-Ups / Crunches

Despite what you may have learned in gym class, sit-ups and crunches are actually not the best way to mold your stomach into a six-pack. Instead, try planks and side-planks which will burn, crush, and rip your abs much more effectively than dreaded crunches would.


Our health-crazed culture has imbedded into the minds of most people that gluten is bad! But did you know that only about 1 percent of Americans have this celiac disease? Approximately 1.6 million Americans who are eating “gluten-free” don’t even need to! All we have to say to this is, eat the bread!

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