Protein gives you energy that won’t get you jacked up or leave you feeling empty later on in the day. Get protein in your body first thing in the morning with an omelet. Intaking the right amount of protein steadies your energy levels that last for several hours.

Coffee or Tea

Caffeine can get a bad rep, but only when you overdo it. Caffeine is an excellent way to boost your energy levels, as long as it’s coming from a healthy source. Skip the sodas and energy drinks, and sip a cup of coffee or tea instead. Also, too much caffeine will make your sugar levels drop, so stick to a couple cups versus an entire pot.


When you start to feel sluggish, it usually means you are dehydrated. If you are not intaking enough water, your body begins to slow down. You should drink an 8-ounce glass of cold water when you feel tired, and your energy levels should begin to pick back up within minutes.


Sunshine, AKA Vitamin D, provides an energy boost that your body needs. If you feel a little tired in the morning, take a walk outside and let your body soak up the sunshine. It is good to get some sun, but too much can be dangerous. The key is to get just as much without getting burnt.


Who ever said chocolate was a bad thing? Eating a small piece can actually give you a quick energy boost because chocolate contains some caffeine. Darker chocolate can be the most beneficial and is actually a good health food as it contains lots of phenols and other antioxidants that keep the heart and brain healthy.


Drinking your vitamins is a good way to produce energy. Find powdered multivitamin drink mix at your local drug store and intake vitamins liquidly. 5 grams of ribose is the key energy nutrient! Also get some B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin D and C and you will be good to go with an energy-packed day!

Mental Break

Taking a couple minutes out of your work day can be an easy way to boost energy. Many studies show that giving your brain a rest will make you more productive. Take a 10-20 minute break in the morning before you get your day going or in the afternoon when you’re starting to feel the effects of work, and give your body a chance to rest and recover.

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