Some people just can’t keep their hands to themselves… or other body parts, for that matter! Human’s are one of the most sexually obsessed animals… and this is so true that we can not even keep works of art face from the sexually-crazed. We have come up with the top five statues from around the world that we cant keep our hands off of! Enjoy the list of the most commonly molested statues…

Crazy Girls, by Michael Conine, Las Vegas

The “Crazy Girls” statue is a life-size bronze sculpture of the Riviera Hotel and Casino’s famous Crazy Girls cast. This statue is one of the most photographed and groped in Las Vegas, by far. This statue can be found at the front of the hotel entrance… probably to let horny drunks get their butt-grabs out of their system before they are punched by a waitress inside.


Youth, by Bernhard Hoetger, Bremen

Some of the most famous bronze work in Germany is by Berhard Hoetger. His artwork was apparently so degenerate that even Hitler himself found it a little over-the-top. In the city of Breman, you can be among some of the millions to give the statue “Youth” a quick and dirty boob-rub. There’s no legend surrounding this statue… just that the German clearly appreciate a nice rack.


Charging Bull, by Arturo Di Modica, New York

The bull that is sometimes known as the “Wall Street Bull,” its no surprise that the balls on this monument symbolize the tremendous amount of strength and virility that walks down this street on a daily basis. Why do people rub the balls on this majestic statue? For good luck, of course! Almost more funny than the statue itself is the line of people who stand 15+ minutes on a good day waiting to pose next to and rub up on some giant balls.


Adam, by Fernando Botero, New York

Apparently it isn’t necessary to be built like a Greek god to get the ladies. At the Time Warner Center is a man-baby who gets just as much attention with his junk flapping in the breeze. Funny thing is, this statue is not really that old, yet his pecker has been polished to perfection… to the point where you can see your face in it!


Monument to Victor Noir, by Jules Dalou, Paris

Victor Noir was a French journalist who challenged Prince Pierre Bonaparte to a duel on behalf of his editor, and ended up getting shot by the prince himself and dying in 1870. The monument was designed to commemorate the unjust murder of Noir, yet it has become more widely known for something else. The statue is most famous for his strapping crotch bulge! His pants-peak has been rubbed to a shiny gleam by people who think it will bring them luck in their love life. Fun fact of the day, the monument gets SO much action that it even co-stars in its own soft-core porn short. Interesting…


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