Getting behind a VR headset can take you to another world when you’re looking for an escape. Well, why not take it one step further and turn your room into an alternate universe? The interactive gaming platform developed by Microsoft Research, appropriately named RoomAlive, will help you do just that.

Paired with projection mapping, the Xbox Kinect will pull the display right from your TV and shine it all over your walls. You can fly through space, engage in combat, or take on any alias you want, as everything in your room becomes part of the game.

RoomAlive uses many technical aspects to give you the full virtual reality effects. The off-the-shelf projectors will shine the game around the room, while the Kinects track your every move. The system is so advanced, that it can actually calculate the geometry of any room, and project the game-world based on how the room is structured. It’s not just the room that gets transformed, though. As you go through the levels of the game and sustain injuries, blood will be projected directly on your body as well.

Sadly, RoomAlive is only a prototype for now. However, it does seem very likely that this is where the future of video games is heading. It will take a lot of work and configuration to make it seem realistic, but we can’t wait until it becomes a reality.

Gone are the days of handheld controllers with cords that restrict you to a tiny box. Now, you actually have to engage in physical activity. Hey, at least now your girlfriend can’t complain that you never leave the couch!

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