We’re all aware that a night of too much alcohol can cause blackouts (we’ve all been there). Throwing back a few too many, may lead to a morning of searching for answers and desperately replaying the night to fill in the blanks, as if you were constructing a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. However, a study shows that alcohol may not always be the culprit for wiping your memory, and in fact, can actually boost your memory in some cases.

Researches in Scotland recently conducted an experiment to test the effects of alcohol on memory. Participants were divided into three groups and instructed to watch a simulated crime video. The first group was given beer, while the second group was told they were served beer, but actually given a non-alcoholic beer instead (sucks to be those guys). The third group wasn’t given any beer at all. After watching the video, each group was then given false information that contradicted the video they had just watched.

Can you guess which group was able to identify the false information and recall more events from the video? That’s right! Our fellow beer lovers proved victorious. The other two groups had a much harder time remembering if the information they were given actually occurred in the video.

The conclusion drawn from this study, is that alcohol may hinder the formation of new memories, but it does protect existing ones. See, we knew alcohol came in handy for more than just a good time!

So, this just tells us that when you’re experiencing a moment you never want to forget, it’s time to chug a beer. Probably not until you black out, but just enough to have fun and keep your memories safe and sound.

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