During the wee hours of the evening, while you’re desperately swiping left on Tinder, have you ever just wished that you would stumble across Scarlett Johansson or Emma Stone? That way, you could finally swipe right and live happily ever after with your celebrity girlfriend. Unfortunately, the chances of connecting with someone of elite status are pretty slim in general, but now the rich and famous have their own version of Tinder, which lessens your chances of connecting with your celebrity soulmate even more.

The app known as Raya has been around for a while now, which has been the exclusive hot-spot for rich and famous people looking to date others of the same status. However, Tinder Select has emerged as the secret dating platform of Tinder. This new app features a members-only section, which caters specifically to the elite, including celebrities, CEOs, and supermodels. Your chances of gaining access to this app are about the same odds as building your own rocket ship to visit the moon.

To join Tinder select, an invitation needs to be extended by Tinder, or, you need to be nominated by existing users. But, they are only given a certain amount of invites to extend. Even though there is no specific algorithm to how the platform chooses who to invite, being famous doesn’t hurt. However, it seems that people who regularly succeed on Tinder, have also been invited. So, if you have high ratings, then you don’t have to completely give up hope just yet.

The Tinder Select platform even gets its own special design. Instead of the usual orange flame, there is a blue S logo in its place. Users have the option to flip back over to the traditional version whenever they like, so maybe Scarlett and Emma will get tired of the rich and famous and check you out instead (who are we kidding).

If you’re currently climbing the ladder to success, or you’re an up and coming actor, or just really charming on Tinder, then you might find your way to this elite dating app. While we may never know what it’s like to be a part of Tinder Select (sigh), we can always dream!

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