Nothing satisfies a food craving quite like a huge pile of French fries. The crispy, salty morsels from heaven are pretty much the only comfort food anyone needs. You’re going to love us once we tell you where to get the best fries in America. Here’s our list!

Breslin Bar & Dining Room in New York, NY

The science behind a perfect French fry consists of a crispy outside with a tender inside. Super chef, April Bloomfield has unlocked this secret by taking long russet potatoes and boiling them before deep frying them twice (what is this witchcraft?). This leads to a soft, creamy center with a delightfully crunchy shell, topped with sea salt.

Republique in Los Angeles, Calif.

République is known for their kimchi fried rice, decadent pastries, and amazing charcuterie. Even so, nothing has caused as much of a stir as their French fries. Fried in peanut oil, these spuds come served in your own special little cone. Sharing not required.

Cafe Presse in Seattle, Wash.

This Seattle bistro offers many renditions of favorite French classics. Many of these dishes include delicious, crispy skin-on French fries, which are fried twice. The French wouldn’t have it any other way.

Park Tavern in San Francisco, Calif.

These are fries for those who crave a more interesting taste. These fancy fries are even Instagram-famous! Seasoned with select herbs, as well as Himalayan sea salt, these tasty morsels are served with a soft-boiled egg topped with caviar and a truffle-infused aioli. It may sound strange, but don’t knock it until you try it.

Balthazar in New York, NY

The preparation of these fries may as well be an art in itself. The potatoes are peeled and then cut using a hand-cranked slicer, soaked in water overnight, blanched in peanut oil, and then fried to perfection. Afterwards, a light dusting of French sea salt adds the finishing touch.

Saus in Boston, Mass.

This little tavern comes complete with a full list of comfort foods, that are sure to make you feel right at home. The restaurant stays true to its name by serving its fries with a variety of interesting, creatively named sauces, such as Vampire Slayer, Pindasaus, Bacon Parm, and many more!

Buldogis Gourmet Hot Dogs in Las Vegas, Nev.

The hot dog hot-spot specializes in bulgogi, also known as a Korean-style beef or pork. This pork ends up in a heaping pile on top of a bun, accompanied by Asian slaw, diced jalapeños, chopped green onions and sesame seeds. Other than that (which sounds epic), they serve also offer some amazing loaded fries.

LoKal in Miami, Fla.

LoKal pairs its famous burgers and sandwiches with an impressive side dish. Can you imagine sweet potato fries that are both sweet and salty, while remaining crispy and tender all at once? Probably just in your dreams until now, thanks to Lokal!

Spruce in San Francisco, Calif.

Many critics have given their approval and declared these the best fries in the city. The secret is most likely in the duck fat that they’re fried in. They stay crisp around the edges, but the inside is tender and moist while maintaining a perfect balance between sweet and salty.

Manhattan Beach Post in Los Angeles, Calif.

The Fee Fi Fo Fum fries are one of the most popular items at Manhattan Beach Post, and it’s understandable. They are gigantic, extremely addictive, and they come with a special “fry sauce,” made up of mayo, chopped pickles and random spices.

Whether you like them crispy, soft or doused with toppings, you can never go wrong with a stack of French fries!

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