All of the latest fitness tracking apps and wearables can record anything, from your steps to your sleeping patterns, but none of them really come in handy for long term use underwater. This means that most fitness lovers enjoy these benefits for their specific sports, but swimmers are unfortunately left out of the mix. However, Swimmo, a new fitness gadget designed specifically for water sports, is hoping to close that gap.

This waterproof device, which is described as “the ultimate swimmer’s smartwatch,” includes multiple features and functions geared toward assisting swimmers during training. This underwater watch may be the best tool to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re looking to increase endurance, achieve new lap times, or just swim for fun, Swimmo has the potential to be your new best friend.

Swimmo is more than just a fitness band, like most other fitness gadgets on the market. It actually comes in a smartwatch form factor, which includes a color OLED display so you can track all of your progress right on your wrist, which means no smartphone is required. This is definitely one of the major perks of this device since you don’t want your smartphone near the pool.

The watch also includes an entire set of training apps of its own. To name a few, IntensityCoach will monitor your heart rate as you swim, while PaceKeeper lets you set a desired pace and vibrates when it senses that you’re slowing down. Aside from all of this, Swimmo will still keep track of time just like any standard watch.

Even though it includes all the sensors required for things like monitoring heart rate and tracking distance, calories burned, speed, and other stats, it still comes with a smartphone app so you can access other features such as swimming logs and workout analysis. As an added bonus, it even has the ability to sync with other popular fitness apps as well, so you aren’t just limited to aquatic apps.

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign for Swimmo that also pledges to reserve your own unit starting at $169. Considering all of the features included, that’s not too bad on the price scale.

We’re happy to see that someone decided to show the swimmers some love, since most other sports have had specifically designed devices dedicated to them for years. If you’re a water fanatic, then Swimmo just might be the answer to your prayers!

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