What a silly question. Of course showing together is a good idea. Before, during or after sex, showering together is always a good idea. When is it not a marvelous plan? Well, a couple times, as a matter of fact. And, both sexes actually seem to be aligned on this front. These are a few occasions when it’s better to go it alone.

Personal grooming is one of those times that showering should be undertaken solo. Maybe in porn, guys watching (or helping) women shave is presented as being erotic, but it certainly is not as hot in real life. Chicks don’t want your help (too many crevices). In addition, they don’t want you watching (lots more surface area to cover, and it takes a while). And, they certainly don’t want to watch you. Manscaping is a must, especially for the first go-round with some lucky lady, but she doesn’t want to participate or even think about you doing that. She just wants you to drop trou and have that clean, smooth package ready and waiting.

Sex in the shower can be convenient because, you know, it’s easy to clean off the…evidence?—residue?—happy juice?—right after you’re done, but some women are actually a bit shy about washing in front of men. Guys can pretty much walk around anywhere naked and not care, but amazingly (said sarcastically) not all women share that same confidence or desire to do so.

Washing goes along with grooming. She wants you to see the best side of her; preferably the one that supposedly requires no effort, and always looks, feels, and smells amazing. But, she doesn’t want you to see her in the process of becoming that person.

PS, soap in the eyes hurts like a bitch, and she is not going to be happy if that mascara starts running down her face. So, if she does allow you to suds her down, keep it below the chin.

Finally, sometimes you just need some alone time. If you’re married, live together, or are in a relationship where you’re constantly spending time at each other’s places, occasionally, you just need to get away without going away. Enter the welcoming, steamy embrace of your shower. It’s always nice to be surprised by a hand suddenly sliding around your stomach and the feel of delightful softness pressing onto you from behind.

If you’re really retreating to the shower to be alone, be sure to let her know (if your words or actions haven’t already indicated as much), so that her feelings aren’t hurt when she tries to join you. And vice versa. If homegirl’s pissed or upset, do not follow her!

Showering can be as clean or as dirty as you want it to be, just be aware of when it should and shouldn’t be done as a team.

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