You have a date in less than half an hour and what’s this? A red, bumpy, irritated jaw line, right where you were hoping for a smooth, kissable one! Damn you, razor burn! It seems like shaving should just be a simple, intuitive process; lather it up, shave it off. But, why do we sometimes get the perfect result, and other times, end up looking like we just scoured our faces with a piece of sandpaper? What are we doing wrong? Try sticking to these guidelines to be assured of a smooth, clear mug every time.

Don’t Rush It

Shaving is a process, not just one or two motions. It definitely takes some time to do it correctly. If you’re getting ready for a hot date, trust us, she already started shaving hours ago, so at least give her a couple minutes of concentrated effort on your beardage, or lack thereof.

Get Steamy

Use hot water, or the steam from your shower, which will soften both the skin and hair. The blade will glide across your skin more easily if it doesn’t have to compete with dryness and tension.

Let it Lather

Apply the cream to your neck and face in a circular motion (brushes help lift hair and distribute the cream more evenly), then let it sit for at least a minute or two. Shaving off the cream right after applying it is like jumping into a pool right after putting on sunscreen. If it hasn’t had a chance to soak in yet, it’s not going to do its job effectively.

Reuse, Replace

In general, disposable razors can be used about a half dozen times before they become inept. Not counting? Just pay attention to when you start seeing little nicks, or feel the razor tugging your skin. Time to toss it.

Work With, Not Against

This one may surprise you, but it’s actually better to shave with the grain, rather than against it. Pulling against the grain causes the blade to tug at the skin, increasing the risk of cuts, irritation, and ingrown hairs. Note: not all the hair on your face is growing in the same direction. Run your hand across the stubble to determine which way it goes, as referenced here.

Help Yourself

A few simple things can make this whole ordeal more pleasant, they just may not be at the forefront of your mind. Reduce the pressure with which you’re pulling the blade across your face. Sometimes when we’re in a hurry, we think harder is better—more effective. Don’t subject your skin to unnecessary trauma. Rinse the razor off every one or two strokes; don’t just tap it to get the hair out. Make sure it’s as clean as possible every time. Finally, once all is said and done, moisturize that puppy. Whether it’s aftershave, balm, lotion, oils, or one of the dozens of options out there, slap on the finishing touch. This will reduce the chances of irritation, and keep your skin cool and hydrated.

Nicely done. You look awesome. Go get her, Tiger.

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