Since the dawn of time, coffee has been the magic elixir to get you through a long day and wine has been that special remedy at the end. However, it looks like it’s time to shake things up because both these forms of ecstasy don’t have to be mutually exclusive any longer.

Thanks to our friends at a Napa Valley café, known as Molinari Private Reserve, you can have your wine before the day is through. The wine-infused coffee they have created adds a special twist to your average cup of joe.

The Einsteins at the reserve have formulated a process that includes roasting wine with coffee beans, which leads to a wine-infused, special blend that smells like wine, but still retains that coffee flavor that we all know and love. According to their website, you can add more milk to the coffee to experience more of the wine flavor. Another recommendation is to let the coffee sit for a while before consumption. Apparently, the longer it sits, the better it tastes (just like wine!). You can even leave the coffee to chill overnight so you can enjoy a nice cup of iced wine-coffee (woffee?) early in the morning.

This new drink will be available in select stores around the Napa Valley, but if you’re really curious, you can order it online for just $20. The bad news is, this coffee won’t get you drunk since the wine infusion is more of a flavor thing rather than an alcohol content booster.

So, if you thought that wine was only an evening affair, think again! Even if you’re not much of a wine guy yourself, you can still surprise your girlfriend with a cup of “woffee” in the morning. She’s sure to appreciate it. And, as an added bonus, you won’t have to hold her hair back when she drinks a little too much.

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