When your buddy asks you to stand up at his wedding as his best man, it’s both an honor and a burden. You must oversee the bachelor party, hold the rings, and most nerve-wracking of all: you have to write a speech to be delivered in front of a huge audience! The speech is one of the most important parts of your role because it’s where you get to share some of your most beloved memories with the groom (hopefully those stories don’t end with the groom cutting you off to interpret your drunken words as some sort of ‘true love is blind’ fairy tale).

That’s where we come in! We’re here to share some fool-proof guidelines to writing your best man speech that the groom will appreciate.

Start With A Solid Foundation

Don’t just list off all of the great times you had partying together or share any embarrassing stories. Instead, try to focus on the groom as a person. Create a list of all of his best qualities and go from there. Once you have your list, you can think of stories that outline those qualities. Also, avoid inside jokes that only the two of you understand. Referring to the groom by his college nickname of “Frank the Tank” may exclude some of the audience that wants to share the big day too.

Keep It Short And Sweet

Nobody likes a long-winded speaker. Try to keep it to five minutes or under. Just give yourself enough time to get the point across and share a few great stories. Try to keep it at 70 percent humor and 30 percent sentimental. This will keep your audience engaged, and making a heartfelt comment right after something hilarious really leaves an impression. Let the guests have fun too!

Stay Structured

Just like any decent story, your speech should include a beginning, middle, and end. Begin your speech talking about the groom and list a few of your favorite things about him. Then, move on to a few stories to highlight those great qualities. From there, you can circle back to how those qualities are even better now that he has met his bride. You can really get your point across when you tie it all together.

The Don’ts

Now that we have spent some time telling you what you should do, we’re going to throw in a few things that you should NEVER EVER do (as if these weren’t obvious enough).

Don’t talk about the time he passed out drunk on the front lawn.

Do not try to “wing it.” If you don’t have a speech prepared, you risk stumbling over your words and embarrassing yourself (or the groom).

Don’t try to memorize your speech. Again, you will probably end up embarrassing yourself.

And most importantly, try not to go on about the time your flight arrived early from San Diego and you entered your home only to find your ex in the midst of a gang-bang.

So, now that you know how to find the words, you will be prepared to help your friend step into his new life with his blushing bride. Stand up and make your buddy proud!

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