Nintendo, an early giant in video games that we all know and love from our childhood, seems to be struggling these days. Trying to stay afloat, Nintendo is doing everything it can to prevent from suffering the same fate as its old rival, Sega. The launch of Switch, a new video game console, is hopefully going to be the company’s saving grace and reverse the failed endeavors that have hurt them in the past.

Sega is still around today, but it has left the hardware business to focus more on software development. Sega is still well known for the video game consoles that they released years ago, but eventually went into decline.

Nintendo’s last big success was the Wii console in 2006. After that, they tried to keep the momentum going by releasing the Wii U. But, due to the competition and a shortage of outside developers, it fizzled faster than Skate or Die (imagine a super lame 1988 version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater).

Now that business isn’t so great, Nintendo is hoping that the new Switch console will recapture audiences and keep Nintendo in the game (yeah, pun intended). However, another failure would equal an additional major blow as the company continues to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

The Wii U isn’t completely to blame for the drop in revenue, but it definitely had a lot to do with the company’s recent struggles. 13.6 million Wii U consoles were sold worldwide since the release, but that’s a very small number compared to the 101.6 million Wii units that have been sold.

If you’re still a Nintendo lover and you don’t want to see the company end up like Sega, then check out the Switch console today! If there’s one thing we respect about Nintendo, it’s that they are willing to either skate or die.

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