Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to travel the world. Whether you travel for fun, experience, education, or other personal reasons, there are quite a few different “types of travelers.” These explorers are classified by common behaviors. So, what kind of traveler are you?

The Collector

The Collector makes it their goal to bring keepsakes home with them. They don’t necessarily hoard material items (although souvenirs are always a plus), instead, they collect experiences and memories to insert in future conversations. Their sole purpose for travel is to keep a vault of great experiences for storytelling purposes, and maybe even bragging rights.

The Follower

This traveler ventures out mainly for social acceptance. They travel to impress their peers and rarely select a destination of their own liking. Sure, they may go all over the world, but they aren’t looking to soak in the scenery and culture as much as they are looking for the approval from others.

The Houdini

Now you see him, now you don’t. This traveler is more of an escapist who can’t stand the familiar. They crave excitement and are usually running from their own inner conflict or struggling with heartbreak, fear, or failure. They try to use the distance to find happiness and run from their troubles, which keeps them caught in the same cycle.

The Soul Searcher

This traveler makes the most out of everything a foreign place has to offer. They have an obscene amount of energy, and they are constantly on the go as they try to drink in every aspect of their destination in search of themselves.

The Tourist

This individual is a visitor of attractions, follower of guided tours, and an avid photographer. The tourist most likely researched the popular sites and has a strict itinerary to follow. They travel to experience all the attractions they have heard about or have seen in movies.

The Special Occasion Traveler

They aren’t very proactive about planning trips unless there’s a reason. They will travel for weddings, birthdays, and family reunions. But, they aren’t stricken with the wanderlust that calls for them to travel to exotic locations for fun.

The Absent Traveler

This average Joe is usually along for the ride, but not really interested in anything going on around them. They don’t have the same appreciation for foreign places and cultures like most others do, and rarely even look up to see where they are.

The Curious

They reach their destination with wide-eyed curiosity and are open to trying new things. These travelers are usually the most satisfied because they don’t go into it with any expectations.

So, there you have it! If you relate to any of these categories, hopefully it will help you recognize the reasons you choose to travel, or inspires you to look at traveling from a new perspective. Whatever type of traveler you are, just make sure to appreciate everything you find along the way or at the very least, try to develop a skill for faking enthusiasm!

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