You. Yeah, you—over by the mirror, watching yourself do bicep curls. Really working it there, aren’t you? Working the weights. Working the room. You pretty much rule this domain. The women swoon as you strut by. The trainers take notes on your techniques and routines. You’re quite the stud, and undoubtedly, a strong man. But, do you have what it takes to be a Strongman?

Weight lifting and strength competitions go back to the beginning of time. Cave men throwing boulders to impress their cave ladies. The hallowed Greeks creating the Olympics. 18th Century circus performers thrilling crowds with unheard of feats of strength like bending steel and breaking chains.

In modern times, there are competitions for every age range, weight class, and specialty. But, the biggest of all, the ones in which men who want to display sheer human strength galore, are the Strongman competitions, and the warriors who compete in these are total bad asses. Like throwing refrigerators and pulling tractor trailers-type bad asses. For some context, you’re probably all familiar with “the Mountain” from Games of Thrones, real name, Hafthor Bjornsson. He’s a Strongman. That’s what you’re up against.

We’ll give you a minute to finish pissing yourself.

The term Strongman evolved and became accepted in the late 20th century. These athletes engage in strength challenges that test every part of their bodies; times ten. Some of the featured events they must master are the Car Flip, Deadlift Hold, Loading Race, Vehicle Pull, Farmer’s Walk, and Hercules Hold.

Now, a couple benefits of reaching Strongman status—besides, again, just being a total badass: You get to eat a ton of food. Forget watching your weight. Pack it on, brother. According to a 2016 article in The World’s Strongest Man, the typical Strongman consumes about 10,000 calories per day—compare that to a mere 2,500 for regular wimps. Also, reach this apex status and you might get to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger (Mr. Universe! The Terminator! Conan the Barbarian!), who created one of the biggest competitions of them all, the Arnold Strongman Classic.

To recap: If you’re doing CrossFit; pushing, pulling, and tossing heavy things, you’re on the right path. Time to start upping that diet; make protein your best friend. And, most importantly, get your head in the game, because this journey will be every bit as mentally taxing as it is physically. It will take some time, but with true dedication and sheer grit, you might find yourself standing across from The Mountain someday. Just make sure to empty your bladder first.

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