If there’s one thing everyone needs in life, it’s a mini bar. The only problem is finding a place to set one up at home without causing clutter and inconvenience, especially, if you’re living in close quarters. Thanks to the Libation Station, that will no longer be an issue.

The Libation Station is a wall shelf designed by the Sean Woolsey Studio which features custom-sized shelves to accommodate all your drink mixing needs. It can be hung up to display all your fine liquor in a classy, attractive manner, so you don’t end up with a cluttered corner full of unorganized bottles. The dimensions are 36 x 12 inches, so it’s best to place it in a low traffic area of the house since it will stick out of the wall.

Bottles, bar tools, and supplies can easily be stashed in the Libation station so you will always be prepared. There’s room for about 25 liquor bottles on its tall shelves. The lower shelves can hold up to 20 wine bottles stored on the side, and all of the other mixing supplies can sit conveniently on the top. Since a mini-bar is pretty much useless if you still have to walk all the way into the kitchen to mix your drinks, then you can rely on the slide-out wooden tray which creates the perfect platform for things such as mixing drinks or slicing lemons and limes.

The Libation Station is currently available for $1,250, which is a nice investment to begin your collection of drink options.

If you’ve always dreamed of having unlimited access to your own mini bar, then you’re in luck! You can purchase your very own Libation Station and add a little flair (and booze) to your home life without sacrificing space. No room, no problem! Cheers!

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