It may not be a secret that both men and women enjoy sex, but what is a secret is how many partners they have on their track records. Both sexes seem to have one thing in common when it comes to their list of past partners; the number three.

When you ask a guy how many women he’s slept with, he will gladly tell you, but what you may not know is that men tend to multiply that number by three. Men typically feel inadequate if they don’t have an impressive number of notches on their belts, so they will exaggerate to maintain their player reputation. Is this ridiculous? Yes. But, is it true, of course.

Women on the other hand tend to divide their number by three. If a woman’s number is higher thanks to her wild days of too much booze in college, then she will downsize her number in an attempt to maintain a purer image. In fact, a new study confirms that reducing the number of partners they’ve had in bed is the most common lie told by women, especially when entering a new relationship.

It seems that women tend to lie about a little more than just their conquests as well. The next most common lie to tell is why a previous relationship ended, followed by the amount they spend on clothes, their job, financial situation, breast size, and weight. Women do have it a bit harder when it comes to image in today’s society, so try not to hold it against them too much. Polls have shown that women mostly tell these fibs to protect their partners’ feelings or to make their partners like them more, even though the key to a healthy relationship is trust and acceptance.

Overall, if you want to find someone who accepts you for you, then you need to be upfront and honest from the get go. Ditch the number three (whether you’re multiplying or dividing) and understand that if they don’t accept you for who you are or who you’ve slept with, then they aren’t the one. And gentlemen, you’re not fooling anyone with those high “numbers”, so don’t kid yourselves.

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