It’s important to be safe about sex, but what if you could also be smart? Like technologically smart. A British company is breaking boundaries, bringing to fruition a device that acts like, for lack of a better term, a Fitbit for your dick. We have smart phones, smart watches, smart cars; why not smart condoms? Well, to be clear, even though this device is called the i.Con, it’s actually a smart-chipped ring that rolls up to the base of your shaft, where it, um…collects and assesses it’s very specialized data.

What Stats Does It Capture?

When you’re working out, what are some of the main metrics you want to see? Heart rate, reps, calories burned, duration and intensity of exertion, etc.. The i.Con provides all that, plus a lot more, based solely on how you perform during sex. Some of the things it captures: duration, intensity, skin temperature, number of thrusts, power of thrusts, calories burned, it even logs what positions you find yourself in! Go pick up a copy of the Kama Sutra and find out if those poses really do lead to the most mind-blowing sex of your life.

About The i.Con

This remarkable ring is made of waterproof, carbon fiber material, is reusable (please wash between uses), and can provide six to eight hours of ‘live’ data capture, including detection of STDs. And, because not all members are created equal, it comes in one size with an adjustable band. Like other apps that capture physical exertion, i.e. Map My Run, this communicates with your phone, logging and assessing all the data, giving you the opportunity to share, yes share, the results if you so choose. (Material for your Tinder profile, maybe?)

How Can I Get One?

Interested in this cock ring with brains? It’ll run you about $74 (pre-order) on this UK website. We say pre-order, because the website hasn’t made it clear yet when these will be shipped. In fact, we haven’t even seen a prototype yet, but with all it promises, pre-orders are pouring in.

People are anxious to i-Cum with the i-Con!

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