If you had to take out your wallet right now and lay bare all its contents, what would you find? Credit cards? Cash? Pictures? A spare key? Condoms? None of these items are necessarily bad, but do you need to keep all of them in your wallet? If it’s getting hard to sit down because your back-pocket bulges, it might be time for a purge. Clean out the unnecessary filler, and stick to this list of five essentials that every gentleman should keep on hand.

Crucial Contact Info

Obviously, you should keep your driver’s license in your wallet, but along with that, have another card (it can be one of your own business cards) with additional contact information that would prove useful in an emergency. A couple key pieces of info to include are your cell phone number, an emergency contact, your blood type, any special medical conditions you have or, medications prescribed.

One Credit Card

How many credit cards should you have? There’s no right or wrong answer. Your financial affairs are your own. But, food for thought; according to a 2015 NerdWallet survey, the average American household has nearly $17,000 in credit card debt. In an effort to help you and your crazy spending habits, just carry one credit card at a time.

Membership Cards

It seems like everyone offers a membership, discount, or loyalty program of some sort now days, and along with those programs come nifty little plastic cards; which can really stack up. To reduce the number of these cards you’re carrying around, first go through them and toss any that haven’t been used in the past six months. Of the remaining cards, if they can be linked to a phone number, do it and ditch the plastic. Some places, like the office or the gym may require you to present a physical card, so keep those, but try to eliminate everything else.


Some people don’t believe in carrying cash. But guess what? Some places only believe in accepting cash. It’s always good to have a little currency on hand. Maybe one large bill, like a c-note, for emergencies, and some smaller denominations for unexpected situations where you just need a few bucks, such as valet service or event parking.

Business Cards

As a successful, forward-thinking gentleman, you should always have several of your own business cards on hand. You never know when you’ll meet a potential client, employer, or business partner. Networking is the key to success in nearly every field so, pass those cards out and vastly expand your professional horizons.

If your very expensive designer wallet is about to burst open, its time to clean it out!

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