Corsets. Goggles. Leather cuffs. Gears. Buckles. Gun belts. Metal spikes. What do all these things have in common? This interesting assortment of items are all commonly found elements incorporated into outfits worn by steampunk aficionados. Steampunk, if you aren’t familiar, is a subculture that meshes vintage fashion and elements with futuristic designs and inventions. A good example is Doc Brown in Back To The Future III, rocking the western wear, but toting a technologically modified, futuristic rifle and time piece. The fashion and inventions in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is another good example of the retro-futuristic theme.

The steam in steampunk pays homage to the historical era in which the steam engine, a major mechanical advancement of its time, was created. The punk informs you that these adventurous and creative individuals have got some sass and attitude. The steampunk movement has infiltrated various parts of society, from video games, to comics, to interior design. But what about the overall style? Is it sexy, or kind of weird?

Seeing men all costumed out in steampunk garb is, sorry, a little cheesy. All women think is ‘nerd alert’. The girls however—oh, ladies—keep it up! All those elements mentioned above; the corsets, leather, buckles and gears, done right, are sexy as hell! Especially when fantasy, gothic, or post-apocalyptic elements are incorporated, a popular trend recently.

Case in point, you need to know about Kato, founder of the first fashion company dedicated to steampunk. Kato, real name Kate Lambert, has taken all the best elements, combined them with her own twist, resulting in fashion that’s edgy, sexy, visually stunning, and borderline erotic.

So, this whole Steampunk idea may not be your thing, and maybe you aren’t a regular at the major Cons, but this trend is only going to pick up steam (see what we did there?), and it might not be a bad idea to find one of these chicks and see what kind of cool shit she’s into!

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