Have you ever thought of just dropping everything and leaving the country? It actually might not be such a bad idea after all. Visiting foreign places is great, but to really get the experience of a lifetime, you’ll need to spend more than just a few weeks. That’s right, we’re talking about moving to a foreign country and living abroad!

Basically, when you’re traveling, you just take a million pictures and update your Facebook status to show off your amazing trip to all your friends and family. Sure, you get to come home with a bunch of great memories and stories, but then it’s back to reality. Just a short trip allows you to see the highlights of another country rather than become immersed in the culture.

Being a tourist and being a resident are two completely different things, and becoming a resident gives you the opportunity to experience a lifestyle that you wouldn’t have access to living in the states. When you go on vacation, people picture you surrounded with sand, sun, and booze. While these things are all staples to a perfect vacation, obtaining a zip code is a whole new world.
Living in a foreign country helps you appreciate how incredible life really is. Once you leave all the basic comforts and throw yourself into a new way of life, you begin to develop an appreciation for everything around you.

Life is way too short and your experiences are what define you. Being in a new world makes you realize there is so much more out there than just the bubble you call home. It may not end up being as glamorous as you had hoped it would be, but that’s ok. By removing that superficial perception that all foreign countries are fairytale places that you will never get to see, you let yourself experience reality in the most amazing way.

Our advice is, if you’re considering making a change then don’t think, just do it!

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