Remember last July, when the entire world went crazy for Pokémon, resulting in widespread car crashes and mass hysteria? While Pokémon Go was short lived, it held strong for a while, ruining people’s lives all over the world. But, like all fads, it eventually died out because novelty is quick to wear off.

Playing while driving was the best way to play, although members of the community considered it cheating. As long as you didn’t kill anyone, it was the most effective method of play, though extremely dangerous. However, people in fact did die from using the game while driving, a surprising fact that many people don’t realize. Some gamers were even stupid enough to wander into dangerous areas like caves and private property, where they could’ve gotten lost or even shot.

Pokémon Go basically spurred idiotic behavior from the very beginning. It was originally geared towards those who grew up with the original 151 Pokémon to make the game relevant again to the older crowd of players. So, while the company Niantic has always planned to implement new Pokémon, they just ended up alienating their target demographic. The hardcore Pokémon lovers were sure to stay no matter what, so there was no sense in catering to them. Niantic shot themselves in the foot with that one.

Microtransactions has taken the gaming world by storm with its play-to-win tactics, no different in Pokémon Go. While healthy competition to catch the most Pokémon is normal, paying money for extra virtual Pokéballs is incredibly unwarranted and viewed by the public as a greedy method employed by companies.

Another huge problem was the connectivity and server issues. These fundamental glitches would ultimately prevent Niantic from becoming an impressive entity. They couldn’t foresee the greatness the game was capable of, so they couldn’t handle the sheer pressure placed on their servers due to the popularity. Niantic had a choice: either sell the rights to a bigger company that could handle the situation better, or simply keep throwing water on the dumpster fire they call servers. They chose the latter, spelling their demise.

Pokémon Go was obviously a terrific idea, but was executed terribly. The hype of the game was the only thing keeping it afloat for as long as it made it. Maybe in the future, we’ll get a Pokémon game that can ensure the safety of its players and doesn’t crash every 10 seconds.

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