Sex tapes are everywhere. A simple Google search can bring you to a sea of people getting it on in front of the camera. Celebrities have been making them for years and it’s only a matter of time until the next big one is leaked. Couples are also into making sex tapes (I mean why not, right?) But, the real question is what happens after the recording is over? Was it leaked? Will it come back to haunt you? Or, was it just an innocent night of fun that you can look back on years from now?

A lot of couples will film themselves doing the dirty because they want to try something new or reignite an old spark. Sometimes it’s because they have always wondered what they look like having sex and they decide to film out of pure curiosity. Whatever the reason, these tapes are out there!

After the tape is been made, there’s no going back (why would you want to). First, you watch it. Most sex tapes are deleted immediately after the initial viewing because you didn’t take into account that you’re not an experienced porn star and you probably look like a couple of naked, clumsy weirdos. You also didn’t take notice of all the bad angles the camera got. Porn stars are trained and already know all the right angles to focus on.

It’s all fun and games until your sex tape is leaked to all your friends and co-workers. Let’s hope you don’t piss off your girlfriend enough to showcase your steamy session all over the internet with her face blurred out. Imagine if your boss or family members witnessed your X-rated movie, yeah, not good. If you and your co-star have a falling out, just be sure YOU are in possession of that tape.

Always film responsibly, friends!

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