Spring break. The time of uninhibited fun, frivolity, and freedom. There are so many options when it comes to destinations, all offering different experiences and excitement. The decision on if it’s going to be a week of rowdy, MTV-worthy hijinks, or an opportunity to whisk your lady away for some more refined, adult down time is a tough one (not really). Here are our top five suggestions for whatever box you’re looking to check this spring break!

Cancun – The Nightlife

Let me start by saying, Cancun gets a bad wrap. Most people associate this tropical paradise with images of unbridled, drunken debauchery carried out by a bunch of out of control college students. And sure, that may have been the case in the past (you may have been one of those college students—you were, weren’t you?), and there are still plenty of shenanigans to be had, but Cancun isn’t quite as rowdy as it used to be. Sure, the night life is still over the top, froth with gorgeous, scantily clad ladies, and more places to get your drink on than you can count (not that you’ll be able to count after too long).

And don’t worry, Cancun caters to every budget. Whether you’re just looking for the no-cover dive bars where they have free DJs and bikini contests, or the more sophisticated lounges in downtown Cancun city, you’ll fit in just fine. Word to the wise though, no matter your vibe, do not leave without going to Dady’O’s, one of Cancun’s oldest and most popular nightclubs. Lose yourself in the cavernous interior, boasting six bars, while laser shows and special effects enfold you, making you part of the adrenaline-fueled rave. Yeah, Cancun knows how to do spring break.

Cabo San Lucas – The Parties

If you’re looking to party—like hardcore, all day, all night—then Cabo is the place for you. A short flight from multiple major US cities, Cabo is known as “the party capital of southern baja”. During the daytime, the beaches, cantinas, and resorts let you give in to your rowdy side. Hoping to see some skin? Yeah, this is probably the place for you. Whether you’re off-roading, snorkeling in the stunning Sea of Cortez, or chilling on a catamaran, it’s all about fun.

You’ll have the opportunity, at frequent intervals, to purchase adventure or party packages. And as fun as Cabo is during the day, it really comes alive at night. Choose from the anything-goes clubs, where clothing is pretty much optional, to the more urbane cocktail lounges. Cabo’s claim to fame, as far as clubs goes, is El Squid Row. It’s a younger crowd, but you will party all night on multiple floors to fantastic music, and of course, be surrounded by more booze than you’ll know what to do with. As a whole, it’s a convenient, inexpensive, crazy-fun getaway that will probably have you saying, “What happens in Cabo…”

Puerto Vallarta – The Beaches

If your idea of a great spring break is chilling on some crystalline white sand, babes sprawled out all around you, waves crashing, pelicans eating food out of your hand, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and all sorts of water activities, then Puerto Vallarta has your name all over it. Puerto Vallarta boasts beaches that could only be described as dazzling. Certainly, activities out and about are a fun option, but here, it’s suggested to get your lodgings in the Hotel Zone, and chill at one of the resorts with ridiculously good prices (i.e. 3, 4, and 5 day deals starting at $40 a night) that have all-inclusive packages. I’m talking all-inclusive. All food. All alcohol! What could possibly go wrong?…

Why do you need to go spend a lot of money on clubs and excursions, when your hotel turns into a dance club at night, all your food and drinks are taken care of, the staff treat you like royalty, and you might end up on one of those gorgeous beaches with some hot model. Garza Blanca Beach is one of the most exclusive and romantic beaches around. Grab a blanket, some wine, and of course, a beautiful girl, and watch the sunset to the sound of gentle waves crashing. Paradise.

San Diego – The Attractions

Come on. Do I even have to try to talk you into spending your spring break in San Diego? Let me just break it down for you. If you’re the type that has no interest in secluded beaches, and instead like to be in the midst of crowds and activities, then San Diego is for you. There are boardwalks, bars, nightclubs, attractions like the San Diego Zoo, the Air & Space Museum, LEGOLAND California, Knotts Berry Farm, and of course, all kinds of water activities. San Diego may be easier for you to get to than the international options, and still pulses with all the energy of those locations. Again, there are fantastic packages out there. Get your ticket to music festivals, rooftop bars, and underground speakeasies.

San Diego is considered the Craft Beer Capital of America! That made yours ears perk up, didn’t it? Do a Brewery tour, kicking things off at The Knotty Barrel. Get a backstage peak into the essentials of brewing, see where the magic happens, and of course, sample sample sample!

Miami Beach – The Shopping

Bienvenido a Miami! Is there anything you can’t do here? Bust out your tightest Don Johnson wear and hit the crazy scene that is this famous location. Day or night, in the city, or on the beach, there’s an endless number of things to do or see. The nightlife is banging, just the way you see it in movies and in TV shows. Sexy ladies. Swank vehicles. Possibly rubbing shoulders with resident rock stars and models, Miami has it all! The weather is amazing, so immerse yourself in some of the awesome outdoor activities, like biking, parasailing, coming nose to nose with gators on an everglades tour, or checking out museums and the local art deco architecture Miami is known for.

But, don’t forget what this city is famous for, the shopping! Along with the regular chain stores, and of course, cheap tourist traps, you’ll find extravagant jewelry shops and couture boutiques. Grab your girl, hop on a double-decker tour bus and head to Lincoln Road.

Wherever you decide to go this spring break, be sure to bring your A-game! It’s only once a year and you better make it count!

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