Nobody enjoys being doused in a sea of scents by pesky salesgirls (unless they’re cute). Thankfully, there’s no longer a need to spend hours in a department store hunting for your signature scent. It turns out, your go-to beverage may actually unlock the secret to the perfect cologne. The experts at Scentbird can apparently distinguish which scents are most complimentary based on the cocktail you prefer. Here’s a few examples:


If you’re more likely to go for a stiff Bourbon after a long day or when out on the town, a nice cologne with hints of cardamom and nutmeg is what you should look for. John Varvatos’ “OUD” cologne has everything you need with those notes of cardamom and nutmeg as well as agarwood. It’s also laced with sweet balsam and amber for the final touch that screams “classy bourbon drinker.”

Craft Beer

Maybe you’re not big on liquor but you appreciate a flavor packed craft beer. In this case, you’ll probably lean more toward a spicy, woodsy scent. Kenneth Cole’s “Mankind” is a mix of savory spices with undertones of fruit and woods, finely crafted just like the beer you’re so passionate about.


Gin drinkers are extremely serious when it comes to their cocktails. Vince Camutos “Homme” is a very serious cologne and perfect for you if you’re partial to gin. It features notes of (you guessed it) juniper berries and lavender, just like your favorite spirit.


If you prefer sipping on a fancy cognac, then a mild, laid-back scent is going to best suit your needs. Fat Electrician by Etat Libre d’Orange, is smooth like the cognac you love so much, and its aromatic notes of olive leaf, vetiver, and sweet chestnut are exactly what a cognac drinker should smell like.


Light and refreshing, the mojito is a crisp and clean cocktail option. That being said, you’ll want to find a scent that captures those same attributes. Cartier’s Eau de Cartier Vetiver Bleu, has bursts of citrus with notes of wood, and a hint of mint.

If you still haven’t found the cologne you love, at least now you know how to find it. Plus, the next time someone tells you that you “smell like a bar”, it will be a compliment!

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