As men, sometimes we need a break from the cheap, bottom-barrel beer, but don’t always want to head out to the bar when in the mood for a decadent draft. Imagine the convenience of a single-cup brewing system that could brew you a glass of beer just like Keurig does for coffee! Well, guess what!

Mashable reported that Keurig is currently working on a line of single-glass beer dispensers, which function almost identically to their coffee line. Don’t worry, your beer won’t be brewed warm like your coffee but the concept is the same: quality and quantity control. Even if you’re not a beer-guy, the product will also focus on a line of mixed, alcoholic cocktails, for everyone to enjoy.

The Price

Brewing a glass of beer in the comfort of your own home sounds like it should garner quite the price tag, but as the product has yet to be released, the price is still in the air. We can, however, value the cost from their established costs of coffee.

With all factors considered, a Keurig coffee is valued at around $0.83 per cup, an amazing increase from standard coffee makers that can brew for as low as $0.05 per cup. So, while you presumably won’t be getting low prices at home, you will be getting the wider variety of beers and you can bet they will taste much better than out of a can. Let’s just hope it’s still cheaper than the bars!

Keurig revolutionized the coffee industry with their single-serve product lines. Hopefully, their expansion into the beer industry moves and shakes things up just the same!

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