Usually, fashion isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when men are ready to hit the gym. There’s no argument that we all should concentrate more on our workout, and less on what everyone’s wearing. But, of course, you don’t want to look like a total douche either. If you can avoid wearing these ridiculous items in the gym, then you’re doing alright. Take a look!

Crop Top

Are you Rocky Balboa in a cheesy 80’s montage? Didn’t think so. The crop top died out years ago, bro, so don’t get any ideas of cutting your mom’s neon shirt in half. Despite the efforts of Ezekiel Elliot, the crop top is probably not coming back so don’t let yourself look foolish.

No Shirt

While the crop top is a horrible choice for the gym, any shirt is better than no shirt. Not only is everyone’s disgusting sweat all over the equipment, there’s also skin and other nauseating factors left behind. Sure, the guy might wipe off his bench with a gym-issued cleaner and a few paper towels, but is that really doing anything to remedy the situation? Going shirtless to the gym is a great way towards a staph infection. Plus, if you’re so insecure that you need to be shirtless, go to the beach where its actually appropriate.

Baby Oil

Yes, some men grease themselves up before hitting the gym. Putting baby oil on your body does nothing but make you look camera ready for a leading role in a bad porno, which is great if you don’t want any women to ever approach you. You’re not Arnold Schwarzenegger, so save the baby oil for the muscle flexing contests.

Compression Shorts/Pants

This small nuance is overlooked by many men, until they see the problem firsthand. Older gentlemen are most guilty of this crime because they’re too oblivious to how they look in public. Wearing compression shorts without any shorts covering them is the perfect way to give everybody at the gym a great view of your dick. No one wants to repress the urge to throw-up while watching you squat in skintight shorts. Plus, trust us, this is NOT attracting women, no matter how “big” you think you are.

Guys, no need to try so hard in the gym. Wear something comfortable, and nothing that will offend anyone, and you’re good to go!

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