Every woman is beautiful in her own way. Women come in all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. However, while every woman has her own type of beauty, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 countries which are known to have the most beautiful women in the world. So in case you’re planning a trip sometime soon, this may have some influence on where you end up.

10. Philippines

Inner beauty is just as important as physical attributes, right? Ladies in The Philippines have a reputation of being sweet with great attitudes, but it’s no coincidence that this country has the most wins in the “Big Four International Beauty Pageants.”

9. Britain

Aside from being educated and well mannered, British women are absolutely stunning. These days most of them are actually a mix of different cultures so they all have their own unique look.

8. America

American women know how to take care of themselves and put an immense amount of effort into their look. The women of Miami, NY, and Los Angeles especially fit into this category. Also, most women in America are gorgeous, fun, and independent, which makes them a pleasant trifecta of beauty.

7. Netherlands

This country is crawling with long-legged blondes. Need we say more?

6. Italy

Italian women are always up on the latest trends especially when it comes to fashion, style, and makeup. These women are classy brown-eyed beauties that carry themselves with the confidence they enjoy flaunting.

5. Venezuela

These tall, slim beauties, always make it to the top in any of the international beauty contests. It’s no wonder they have the most crowns of any other country.

4. Russia

The combination of western and eastern features give Russian women high cheekbones, tall bodies, and pretty blonde hair. Sounds like a recipe for a country full of hotties!

3. Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia are just about equal because all the women are fairly similar in features. However, Ukraine seems to take the cake!

2. Brazil

Women in Brazil take interest in socialization and tradition so they play major roles in the annual festivals throughout the country. They also know how to carry themselves well and are among some of the hottest women you will ever see.

1. Turkey

Turkey tops the list of beautiful women. Not only are they extremely photogenic, they’re blessed with beautiful bodies they carry around with a certain royal grandeur.

If you have ever visited any of these places, you know that it’s impossible to ignore the native beauties running around all over their respective countries. If you haven’t been to any of these places yet, then it sounds to us like it’s time to give into a little wanderlust!

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