The gaming industry doesn’t usually scream sexy, and most of the players aren’t anyone you would expect to see on the front cover of a magazine. While males dominate many facets of society, gaming included, the women of eSports and other gaming platforms are comin’ in hot! Check out a few of the sexiest women of the gaming world!

Melonie Mac

Melonie is a beautiful woman who doesn’t shy away from the nerdier aspects of the gaming community. While one of her favorites is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, she also gives her well informed opinion on anime, a medium she is passionate about. Another popular facet of YouTubers and Twitch streamers is live-unboxings, which Melonie also does with a comedic flair. It also helps that she’s adorable.


World of Warcraft garners millions of players from around the world and Pamcakes has to be the most gorgeous of the bunch. There’s no wonder why she has over 200k followers on Twitch, as Pamcakes tends to dominate servers on WOW with her impressive gameplay.


Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and ChloeLock go hand-in-hand. While CS:GO appears plain, ChloeLock is stunning, both in looks and performance with a keyboard and mouse.


Overwatch features a fantastic lineup of beautiful female characters, so it’s no surprise the beautiful KittyPlays is involved. Not only an avid gamer, she also has a knack for dramatic and entertaining stories, with topics ranging from exercising to stabbings.

Galina Dub

While the other women on this list focus on gameplay first and beauty second, Galina tends to flip the switch with her emphasis on modeling. This Russian babe is an absolute knockout and can make even the ugliest game look good when she’s holding the controller. There’s no telling on her actual gameplay abilities but damn, she looks good!

Most of these gorgeous gamers can be found on Twitch, where they often live-stream their game of choice for their fans. While some are better players than others, all of these girls are equally beautiful, gaining the attention they so rightfully deserve.

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