Sleep is essential for all major functions of the body. Without sleep, the body suffers, but what most people don’t realize is that lack of sleep can disrupt your sex life too. If you’re constantly working off a few hours of sleep a night, then it’s important for you to make the necessary adjustments in your schedule to save yourself and your chances of getting laid. Here’s a few things that might happen when you’re in serious need of some sleep.

Weight Gain

Since lack of sleep makes you hungry, you’re more inclined to turn to food for fuel which will only add pounds to the scale. The more weight you gain, the less you’ll want to have sex because you’re insecure and out of shape, which can destroy any intimacy you previously had.

You’re Cranky

It’s much harder to control yourself when you’re hurting for sleep. Small tasks seem harder and everything tends to get on your nerves faster. Instead of being loving and understanding with your partner, you may end up lashing out and taking things out on them which doesn’t get you any closer to getting laid.

You Can’t Focus

If your brain can’t get the rest it needs, then it has a hard time remembering or focusing on things. This can make you look like you’re neglecting your significant other because you can’t remember something they just told you. When a woman feels ignored or unimportant, the last thing she will want to do is sleep with you.

Lack Of Energy

With all the negative aspects sleep deprivation brings, the last thing you will have is enough energy for sex. The idea of sex might seem nice, but when it comes down to it, you’re just not going to have the desire or the stamina to give your lady what she really deserves.

Obviously, your health is most important here, but if lack of sleep can also ruin your sex life, it’s probably wise to make sure you aren’t completely sabotaging yourself. Make sure to get a sound sleep each and every night. Your life and libido depend on it!

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