Forget joining a fight club. The underground poker clubs are where the real money’s at! Many men enjoy a thrilling game of poker where the stakes are big and the women are gorgeous. Besides being illegal, there are a few other dangerous factors with underground poker you might want to know about.

Late nights on a random day of the week are commonplace in the illegal gambling scene. Once discovered through trusted contacts, these secret clubs bank on loyalty and high stakes. It’s no wonder why there are pat downs before heading in. The bouncers will make sure you’re not packing any heat, in order to protect their assets, of course.

Once inside, underground poker looks all too familiar. Gin and cigars circle the tables as beautiful women hover over the shoulders of the men who aren’t afraid to put it all on the line. Several hundred dollar buy-ins are usually the low-ball, but if you’re desperate to play, they accept the occasional wristwatch as payment.

Collusion and cheating is all a part of the game. With code-words, members ally themselves with one another and share information on who has what hand, all to try and make the most money possible. So, it’s understandable to see $50k swing between hands. At one moment, you may have a snowball’s chance in Hell of walking away alive. In another, you can walk out with six figures.

Now, you can’t find underground clubs easily, but they hold relevance in East coast cities like NYC and Atlantic City. To ensure their clubs retain their infamy, word of mouth is the simplest way to get in, where you can find celebrities rubbing elbows with the regulars.

Since the 70’s, authorities mostly overlooked the underground poker scene. However, the last decade has shown a rise in busts, with much of the money being confiscated. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars being withheld every time the cops show up. While many raids didn’t result in arrest, men were still losing big money. You can decide which is worse.

Not only were the clubs running risk of being discovered, they were also in danger of robberies. Men in ski masks would try to raid the clubs, some coming out with cash and others coming out in body bags.

Only the true men of that world can survive the underground poker clubs. Liars, cheats, and celebrities alike are some of the personas you will run into. But, once you’re hooked on a winning streak, good luck ever truly walking away.

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