If you’re a real man’s man, you probably love whiskey. Whether it originates from Canada, Tennessee, or Ireland, there are a plethora of choices for a perfect whiskey that suits your taste. So, it comes as no surprise that whiskey bars are visited by only the classiest gentlemen. But of all the bars across America, which is your favorite?

Jack Rose Dining Salon- Washington D.C.

Featuring over 2600 bottles of whiskey lining their walls, this bar certainly totes a wide selection that will satiate even the snootiest whiskey connoisseurs.

Saloon- Somerville, MA

With a history dating back to well before the prohibition era, you know this Massachusetts establishment is time-tested.

The Pope House Bourbon Lounge- Portland, OR

This bourbon lounge offers a class, Bourbon 101, where you can learn all about the intricacies of the whiskey business. At $75 per person to attend, this class is definitely kick-ass.

Seven Grand- Los Angeles, CA

In today’s divisive society, it’s nice to see a bar connect with its community. With plenty of affordable specials and a diverse live music set list, Seven Grand offers a relaxing, laid back atmosphere.

Delilah’s- Chicago, IL

Many of the bars on this list have great event calendars, but none quite like the Chicago-based Delilah’s. This bar offers a Saturday film where all the patrons can enjoy a classic movie with their whiskey.

Bluegrass Tavern- Lexington, KY

Smack-dab in the middle of bourbon country, how could we not include one of the best whiskey bars in Kentucky?

Village Whiskey- Philadelphia, PA

With any other prohibition era bar in America, expect a menu that is simple, yet satisfying to the pallet. These folks have kept their recipe for success virtually the same for all these years. If it ain’t broke…

Canon- Seattle, WA

Canon, is the most impressive whiskey bar on this list with over 3500 labels. It boils down to if you can think of a whiskey, they definitely have it.

Haymarket Whiskey Bar- Louisville, KY

This Kentucky bar offers a 250-person music hall, which shames many other dive bars with a superb music selection, ranging from local bands to those touring America.

Noorman’s Kil- Brooklyn, NY

When men get drunk, they come up with some whacky concoctions to fix their munchies. But Noorman’s Kil is probably the only whiskey bar in America to offer gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. That’s the quaint touch that all these bars share, each in their own special way.

Whether you’re on the west coast or the east coast, there’s a perfect whiskey bar for you. However, much like coffee, even the worst whiskey is better than no whiskey bar at all!

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