It may come as a surprise to some men, but you shouldn’t try to sleep with every woman you meet. In fact, having a woman as just a friend can offer more opportunities than you’d think. Check out a few of the reasons why having a female best friend might be in your best interest!


Face it; you don’t know shit about fashion. You can’t ask your guy friends because they don’t care, but your female friend does. Man, she will even go shopping with you, giving you advice about the outfits you’re trying on. If she likes how you dress, other women will too.


This is very important, so listen up. Your best bud that just so happens to be a woman can offer advice when it comes to prospective love-interests. Not only can she can hook you up with her friends, but can possibly find you a total knockout. Remember, she’s your best friend and knows exactly what you need. Take her advice!


If you’re lucky enough to snag a friend with your best interests in mind, she may also be the best wing-woman you’ve ever had. Let’s face it: women are hesitant to trust anyone let alone a strange man they just met at the bar. However, if you have a woman beside you that’s obviously not your own girlfriend, that can go a long way in the trust department. But be warned; with a woman at your side, friend or not, that may scare away any prospective suitors, so be sure to make it known that she’s just your friend. Have her go up and introduce herself to that cute girl across the bar.
Once they’re acquainted, she’ll bring her over and introduce you. Easy as pie.

Most men don’t believe they can have a girl in their life that’s just a friend. Well, you can continue to think that way, and miss out on some great opportunities, or become best friends with a great girl and let her introduce you to her world of fun!

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