If your wanderlust is stifled by the fact that time and money don’t come easy, then we’ve got news for you. Finding a way to experience new places is actually much easier than you think. Adventure traveler/entrepreneur Derek Low, managed to make it across the United States by train in just four days while only spending a mere $213!

In December 2011, Derek’s 3,397-mile journey took him across 11 states, four time zones, and gave him the opportunity to see both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.
His journey began 20 minutes outside San Francisco in a place called Emeryville, and enjoyed gorgeous coastal views that transitioned into desert landscape on his way to Salt Lake. He then made his way from Salt Lake to Colorado, which is known to be one of the most spectacular train rides in the U.S.

His next train ride took him across four states at once; Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois. Since the California Zephyr only gets you as far as Chicago, he had to transfer to the Lake Shore Limited in order to complete his journey all the way to New York.

Derek documented the entire trip on his site, so if you’re looking for a few pointers for traveling by train, we recommend checking out his blog. If you’re interested in planning your own trip, Low actually started a travel planning service. He will help you book all of your tickets, including any stopovers you want, for just $49. No matter how you look at it, traveling by train is way cheaper than airfare. Plus, you get to see so much more!

Okay, no more excuses. If you can take a week off work and save up a little cash along the way, you can get out and see the country on a budget. Just imagine the people you will meet! It’s worth a try, not just for the adventure seekers, but anyone willing to try something other than a road trip.

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