Nothing’s worse than hearing that alarm clock first thing in the morning, ushering you into a painful routine of monotony. However, the shining light of morning routines is sipping on a warm cup of coffee, giving you the energy to really grab today by the balls. But after the coffee is made and finished, what is there to do with the leftover grounds? We guarantee you’ve never heard of these cool alternatives!

Fertilize A Garden

Using coffee grounds to fertilize your plants is a time-tested method of giving them an edge to thrive. However, make sure you only put the coffee grounds in plants that crave the higher acid content, as coffee is corrosive. To combat the high acid content of the grounds, mix it with other compost materials like clippings to dilute it.

Absorb Odors

Is your fridge a little smelly from that week-old Chinese food and spilled beer? Well, you can skip the old baking soda routine and put some coffee grounds in your fridge, absorbing the noxious odors. The best part of adding grounds to your refrigerator is the fact that it will smell like coffee every time you open the door. Trust us, your girlfriends will appreciate the effort. And who doesn’t love the smell of coffee anyway?

Rejuvenate Your Hair

Okay, rejuvenating your hair isn’t the manliest activity, but there’s one very important fact you can’t forget: women love a man with great hair! Many men opt for the cheapest shampoo in the aisle and rest assured; the women in your life can tell. When your ladies run their fingers through your hair, they can feel the callous treatment you’ve been implementing. As weird as it sounds, you can rub coffee ground into your scalp, giving your hair added body and life.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Just like your hair, the quality of your skin is what the ladies will notice. Do you want your girl to feel that rough face of yours? The answer is as simple as the remedy. Coffee grounds are a natural exfoliant, giving you that softer complexion that many women crave. Do your woman a favor and start implementing grounds into your skin routine.

So, next time you’re ready to toss those old grounds in the trash, we bet you’ll think again!

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