If you love to travel and explore the world while indulging in your sexiest fantasies, we have the opportunity for you! Alas, Desire cruises! Once aboard a Desire cruise, you’ll get to experience quite a bit more than just big waves and sandy beaches, so get ready!

This September, the Desire Cruise will set sail from Venice, Italy, and will host an array of sexy activities such as nude sunbathing, playrooms, dress-up parties with sensual themes, sexy games, and get-to-know-you ice-breakers that aren’t exactly on the same level as just a friendly game of pool or an introductory handshake.

It may sound pretty wild, but there are limits set so you won’t be in danger of walking in on a group of strangers getting it on, unless of course you visit one of the playrooms. The playrooms are the only place where “public” sex is allowed, so you can lay by the pool and read a book without having to worry about being caught up in an orgy. The playrooms are open all hours, but the busiest times are after sunset once the guests indulge in a few cocktails. Sounds like nights at sea can get pretty heated!

There’s already an estimate of 350 couples set to board this fall alone, and the cruise is expected to attract a mix of nudists, swingers, and just the curious. Some of the main attractions will include tantric yoga sessions, talks and seminars hosted by sexologists, and many other carnal activities to suit everyone’s taste. Yes, there’s something for all, but the golden rule on board is “no means no.” However, our guess is there won’t be many “no’s” tossed around.

So, if curiosity gets the best of you, book a sexy vacation with your significant other to really test the limits. Or, just hop on board and enjoy the show! This takes sex on the beach to a whole new level!

Knockout Mag

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