Just when you think you’re done with the holidays, Valentine’s Day creeps up and puts the pressure on. Often, you’re left scavenging the nearest grocery store for any decent flower bouquet only to find that all the other dudes beat you to it. So, what do you do when you’re out of time but still want to be a gentleman? You improvise! Luckily, we’re here to make it easy on you. We’ve put together a few last-minute gift ideas that will come across so romantic and thoughtful, she’ll never know it was a last minute thought!

Make A Mug

You can pick up a plain white coffee mug almost anywhere. Be sure to grab a few different color sharpies and some of her favorite candy and you’re all set. With the sharpies, write all the reasons you love her, or what you love about her, and hand it over filled to the brim with chocolate. Allow some drying time for this project, though, or she’ll end up with her hands smudged with purple ink.

Romantic Playlist

You can easily create a playlist on Spotify with all the songs that remind you of her, as well as songs that she loves. Think of it as the modern day mix tape. She will be so impressed that you hand selected these songs for her, especially if you include a bottle of wine as well.

Book A Paint Night

There are so many locations that host evenings where an instructor teaches you how to paint a specific piece of their choice. Chances are, there’s no way in hell you would ever consider doing this, and she probably knows that. Suck it up, and book the class! Then, print out the tickets and put them in a card with her name on it. Boom!

Show Her the Stars

If you’re really short on time, grab a bottle of champagne and pray for a clear sky. Take her on a peaceful drive out to where you can take a long walk with the best view and spend the evening stargazing. Yeah, cheesy, but she’ll love that shit.

Cook For Her

This is always a tried and true last minute idea. Not only does it give her the evening off from cooking, but it also makes her feel special. Plus, you don’t have to fight about where to eat for once. Light some candles and have a relaxing evening.

Spontaneous Date

Google always comes in handy, especially when you need a quick answer. Skip the crowded restaurant and look up interesting places to visit in your town. Take her on a cool museum tour or to see a local band that’s playing somewhere in the city. Shaking things up a bit and trying something new will make her feel like you really went out of your way to plan an amazing night.

Create A Photo Album

You probably have ridiculously adorable photos posted all over your social media together (that she either put up or tagged you in). Pick up a cheap photo album and print out some of your favorite photos together. Wrap it up, top it with a bow, and watch her face light up while she flips through all your memories together.

Now take a deep breath and feel confident in knowing that you’ve got this year covered with some awesome gift ideas. You can even keep some of these in mind for the next few years as well. Win Win!

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