Every guy likes to obsess over the major muscle groups: pectorals, abdominals, and quadriceps. However, part of a well-rounded workout means hitting the spots that aren’t exactly fun, but they’re equally important. Let’s face it: not every day can be chest day, bro. Check out a few muscles that might be getting neglected throughout your workout.


The traps tend to be hit or miss with guys in their workouts. Either you see the body builder with traps up to his ears or you see the scrawny guy with a pencil-thin neck. If you’re on the skinny neck spectrum, incorporate shrugs into your workout. With a dumbbell in each hand, shrug your shoulders up to your neck, keeping a fluid rhythm.


Squat/leg day isn’t always by choice (for good reason), but just doing squats on leg day is a travesty. Having shapely calf muscles helps bring together the entire lower body physique, as well as vertical. The best part about a calf workout is you don’t even have to leave the squat rack. With the weight on your shoulders, raise up on your toes and back down with a gentle rocking motion.


This isn’t a superficial muscle like most on this list, but rather functions as a crucial workout for athletes. If you ever want to get faster and more flexible, you need to exercise your hamstrings. No, doing squats doesn’t work out everything below the belt. Holding a barbell with both hands at your waist and keeping a straight back, slowly lower the weight as far to your toes as possible, feeling a stretch in the back of the legs. This workout adds both muscle and flexibility, giving speed to even the slowest of snails.

Latissimus Dorsi

Better known as “lats”, this muscle group creates a broader back, which gives the appearance of a wider shoulder area. The best part about working out your lats is you have a plethora of workouts to choose from, as most every upper body workout helps develop the lats. However, if you really want them to develop, you’ll need a workout specifically designed to target them. Rows and pull-downs are the best and they allow the athlete to modify hand grips and body position, not only to reach a more rounded workout but also to avoid boredom. Nothing kills a gym membership like boredom.

When heading to your next workout, make sure to pay close attention to areas like traps, lats, calves, and hamstrings. Developing these areas will not only give you a better appearance, but also advance your progress as an athlete.

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