If you’re looking for a quality Spartan timepiece that’s also completely affordable, then look no further! Divided By Zero βeta Series has combined science and design with quality materials to produce watches that are perfect for anyone looking for luxury but not wanting to break the bank.

The series features six watches, which are all made of high grade 316L stainless with a black PVD coating, domed crystal, Miyota movement, and a sleek, black leather strap. They’re also the first watch to feature a mathematically approved design. Each one is named after people you may be familiar with.

Newton explores the idea of the trinity concept, and its main features are the reflective surface on the dial as well as the changing color tones. This piece was named in honor of Isaac Newton for his teachings and laws of motion.

Galileo is named after the great astronomer Galileo Galilei. Its concentric dials refer to orbits. The most intriguing feature of this piece is the dial that creates a multi-layer effect.

Pascal is inspired by Blaise Pascal and is undoubtedly the most complex of all pieces in the series. It features a classic Nodus structure on the dial, but the most interesting part is the outer layer that’s cut by the shape of the dial image.

Volta is an ode to Italian scientist Alessandro Volta. The design is inspired by the geometrical beauty of the circle; the most basic shape, and the most popular design of all watches.

is inspired by the intellect of Alan Turing. The dial features an infinite loop which depicts the idea of the abstraction of time.

Archimedes, named after the ancient Greek mathematician, has a sandwich volume dial and a symmetrical face which supports the mathematical design.

So if math, science, and affordable luxury are a few of your favorite things, then why not combine them all into one epic accessory that you can sport for years to come? It doesn’t just make sense, it’s science!

Unfortunately, you must wait until the watches are available in retail stores, though. The company is currently looking for retailers and distributors for their brand. But, with such a unique product, we anticipate the wait won’t be long!

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