As men, we all know testosterone is the essence that makes us male. But the science and nuances are much more complicated than simply correlating the level of manliness to the testosterone output. Men can have high-levels, low-levels, or a mix in between, but despite the differences, a healthy amount is crucial for the vigorous man. Don’t panic just yet, though. There are a few basic strategies you can use to help boost your testosterone levels.

High Testosterone

Testosterone is the reason testicles drop and voices get deeper once we hit puberty. From age 12 to 16, boys develop into men, giving early signs of how that man will age. With a higher amount of testosterone, males will experience more muscle mass and a higher sex drive. Sounds like a blessing, right? However, high testosterone levels tend to create the alpha males of our society, oftentimes leading to arrogance.

Low Testosterone

Even if you got a head start with high testosterone levels during puberty, your testosterone starts to decrease after you turn 30. Testosterone naturally goes downhill taking a hit every decade you live. Remember your 20’s when you wanted to hump everything that moved? That’s due to higher testosterone. But, the reality of lower testosterone scares many men, for good reason. A low count makes you physically weak and lazy. It can lead to disappointing erections, decreased sex drive, depression, and added body fat.

How to Prevent Low T

Preventing low T can be as simple as exercising regularly, losing weight, consuming more zinc, and vitamin D, eating less sugar, and of course, cutting out stress.

Zinc is essential for testosterone growth and you can find it in high-protein foods like fish, red meat, beans, and yogurt. To get more vitamin D, exposure to the sun is the most effective method, although supplements can work for the winter seasons.

Cutting stress from your life is a tall order, and it’s not like you can just stop focusing on your responsibilities, so the solution is to make sure you’re getting enough rest and taking mental breaks regularly. Low testosterone isn’t the end of the world when you take the necessary steps toward a healthy lifestyle.

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