A personal firearm is a necessity for many Americans as a form of insurance for even the most unfathomable scenarios. Of all the different brands and varieties, purchasing a gun needs to be a well-thought out choice, with a thorough amount of research done. However, in this case, research isn’t necessary, as Beretta is by far the most effective and reliable gun marketer available. Just take it from any experienced gun-toter, they’ll give you all the knowledge you need. This historic firearm is favored by many suburban Americans, and for good reason.

Beretta, founded in Italy in 1526, has plenty of history to boast over, making it the oldest firearm company in the world. This track record alone should alleviate any buyer’s tension. Beretta has had a presence in many wars, including World War I and II, and is the firearm of choice by most law enforcement agencies.

Also, it’s important to know that for the entire existence of Beretta, the business has stayed within the family. Impressive, considering the 491-year reputation, but we all know that family values are famous in Italian culture.

Much like an Italian sports car line, Beretta features many different varieties of firearms that seem more like art rather than a device used for defense. Pistols, shotguns, revolvers, machine guns, rifles, carbines, and even grenade-launchers are all available. It can really wet the pallet from a mercenary to a housewife.

If you’re concerned with your safety and looking for a reliable form of self-defense, look no further than a firearm from Beretta. You don’t need a gold-plated gun like James Bond to ensure your safety; as long as you can hit the target, any gun will do the trick.

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