No matter what your occupation is, every man needs at least one sharp-looking suit. You never want to be underdressed for any scenario, especially when there’s beautiful women around taking notice. When it comes to shopping for the perfect suit, there are a few factors to take into consideration. Yes, you want to look dapper as hell, but you also don’t want to break the bank every time you need a new suit. Take a look at a few of our favorite places to hit when shopping for a nice suit.

Joseph A. Bank

Joseph A. Bank offers a wide variety of options and is pretty standard when it comes to pricing averaging around $500 a suit. For the prices offered, you can purchase form-fitting suits, perfect for environments ranging from professional business to special events, like weddings and ceremonies. This is a place you could potentially spend a lot of time in after your first visit.

Men’s Wearhouse

Who hasn’t heard of Men’s Wearhouse? Chances are, you’ve visited this place at least once in your life for a rental. Yes, prom, weddings, this is the place to shop for all your suit rental needs. But the Wearhouse isn’t just for rentals, they also sell high end merchandise as well. If you’re keen, you can catch some wicked sales on designer suits for around $200, a price that would normally be twice that amount! You’ll definitely feel you got the best bang for your buck walkin’ out of this store.

The Suit Depot

You should never buy a suit online unless you know the exact measurements denoted by a professional tailor. However, if you’ve already had all the numbers taken, don’t shy away from the online suit shopping experience. Of all the online retailers, The Suit Depot offers incredible suits for $100 or less. This is the perfect destination for your first suit or for any young professional looking to enter the business world.


Unlike Suit Depot, Bonobos is not for the first-time suit buyer. With its cheapest suit valued at over $1000, this store is for all the gentlemen that mean business. Offering a sleeker, more modern fit, Bonobos will certainly never disappoint, especially for that special event.

Shopping for a nice suit without having to take out a second mortgage can be stressful. Don’t let intimidation and high price tags turn you away from the experience. Remember, there’s nothing sexier to a woman than a man in a suit!

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