Turning a woman on is all about subtlety. You can’t just grope her and expect the girl to be responsive. A sensual foot and back massage is the perfect way to show your appreciation for your woman, while also warming her up for intimacy. However, most men don’t understand how to properly give a massage. You can’t be too rough but also can’t be too gingerly, so what’s a man to do? Check out a few of our favorite ways to turn her on with a massage!

The Back Rub

A lot of women are known for holding the “weight of the world” on their shoulders. Her traps, neck, and back are tender from holding all that stress and tension. To massage these areas, be a soothing masseuse. The idea is to make her feel as relaxed as possible. These are sensitive, and potentially painful areas of a woman’s body and she needs gentle attention. As you move to her lower back, you can be a little more forceful, as the lower back is a great area for a deep tissue massage. With all that deep tissue, be sure she’s being vocal about how she feels, you don’t want to hurt her.

The Foot Rub

Foot massages are a more difficult beast to tame. The muscles and bones in the foot are much smaller and fragile than in the back, so you must take careful consideration. Special focus should be paid to the edges and balls of her feet, but don’t neglect the toes. The toes work extra hard to grip the earth, so with a gentle rolling motion, ball the tips of her toes with your fingers. It’s also important to use the width of your fingers to gradually spread her toes apart; with every massage comes a great stretch. Stretching is just as important as rubbing and you know the perfect way to get her all stretched out, don’t you?

The next time you have a woman over, impress her with a back or foot massage. You don’t have to hit specific muscle groups to turn her on. Just be communicative and focused; she will undoubtedly be receptive.

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