If you’re finally looking to settle down then some things need to change, starting with your bachelor pad. If you bring a hot chick back to your place and it looks and smells like she just walked into a dorm, chances are, you’re not going to get far. No worries, friends! We’re here to give you a few tips and tricks on how you can turn your bachelor pad into a cozy home to show the ladies what kind of man you really are.

Ditch The Bar Games

That’s right, the pool table, dart board, and the tacky neon beer sign doesn’t need to take up your living room space anymore. If you have an extra room for all that stuff, then move it in there and call it your man cave. Otherwise, get rid of it.

Put The Toilet Paper On The Roll

This doesn’t mean on the back of the toilet bowl, or on the floor. Always make sure toilet paper is on the roll, and go one step further and make sure there’s extra rolls in the cabinet nearby.

Upgrade Your Furniture

The futon you slept in all through college may have gotten you this far, but your home deserves a nice couch, bed, and dining set. It’s totally worth it to splurge a little to have some grown up furniture. If needed, have a woman take you shopping, you could probably use a woman’s design touch, anyway.

Throw Away All Posters

No, seriously. There is no need for posters on walls, unless it’s in your man cave with the pool table, or garage. Go do a little shopping or find some cool art at a local art show and deck the walls with some conversation pieces. Women love a man with art.

Fill Your Fridge With More Than Beer

Some fresh fruits and veggies never hurt anyone, and having actual food in your fridge will give your bachelor pad more of a cozy feel. Plus, it won’t give her the impression you’re going to hold her captive for a few days. Hit the farmers market, bro.

Matching Dishes

You don’t have to run out and buy fine china, but at least a matching set from Target will save you the embarrassment of serving your dinner guests their beverages from a souvenir cup you got from the strip club (even though it’s a really cool cup.)

Light A Candle

Everything else on this list will keep your home from looking like a bachelor pad, but this will keep it from smelling like one. There are “man candles” you can purchase from your local Bath & Body works that won’t make your place smell like a vanilla cake.

So if you’re ready to officially begin your transition, keep these tips in mind. We promise you’ll thank us later. The party doesn’t have to end just because you’re 10 years out of college, but you can at least make it look like it has.

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