As marijuana use is becoming more accepted in our society, it comes as no surprise that usage will increase as well. But what about pot use among baby boomers? Well, it seems like the reefer madness has finally died out, as baby boomers are taking some tips from millennials and smoking more weed.

As the letup towards marijuana grows, there’s also an increase in acceptance of binge drinking behavior. While alcohol was never scrutinized as much as pot has (minus the 1920’s,) an increase in both these mind-altering substances begs for some answers.

Uber and Lyft were born from the necessity to counteract drunk driving (albeit, perhaps indirectly,) which has allowed more binge drinking behavior without any negative consequences, other than throwing up on your Uber driver. Therefore, baby boomers can use a simple app and be a little more carefree with their alcohol consumption.

This isn’t to say it’s the first recorded use of alcohol and marijuana by baby boomers. They’ve always been smoking and drinking. It’s only now they’re admitting it anonymously, and anonymity tends to lead towards the truth.

If you remember the 60’s, you weren’t really there. Marijuana use among baby boomers was always recognized, just never acknowledged beyond a comedic level in movies. With more accepted standards on marijuana use among the older generation comes a better understanding on the health benefits.

Baby boomers are getting up there in age, so there comes the need for unconventional treatments for diseases like glaucoma and cancer. So, the boomers want to smoke a little weed and get shitty drunk, you only live once!

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