Eating like the manly men we are is a neglected art form. In an era of veganism and tofu, feasting is a necessity to keep the testosterone flowing. So, to make your man feast the best possible, you’ll need to know what to eat and where to get it.

Backyard Barbeque

This is the ultimate in the man feast category. In the backyard, you don’t have to worry about your appearance when slamming your face on a rack of ribs, so you can throw good behaviors out the window.

As far as entrees go, ribs, chicken wings, and steaks are highly recommended. Throw in some beers and no guy will complain, even if the steaks are well-done.

For side dishes, there’s a crazy amount of choices, like barbecue baked beans, coleslaw, macaroni salad, corn on the cob, and potato salad. Don’t be afraid to throw in bacon wherever you see fit.

Dinner Date

Just because you eat like a man doesn’t mean you should lose your manners. Grab the steak menu and make sure the portions are up your alley. Filet mignon with a béarnaise sauce will provide a great array of flavors while also filling you up. Of course, any gentleman enjoys his shellfish (barring no allergic reaction.) Lobster and crab are also a good alternative beyond beef.

At the best restaurants, the appetizers truly make the meal. Oysters on the half shell (aphrodisiac,) steamed clams, escargot, frog legs, and mushrooms stuffed with crab are beautiful examples of delectable dishes that satiate the appetite.

Delicious Dive Bars

When Sunday rolls around, and you’re watching your favorite team at the best dive bar, make sure to order the greasiest items on the menu. This is the time for cheese burgers, carne asada fries, and other sloppy concoctions. If you need any ideas, think of hill-billy food groups, like fried twinkies or funnel cakes. Be sure it’s just you and the boys though, you don’t want the ladies to see you this way.

To feast like a gentleman, you must walk a delicate line. Retain your manners but never compromise a full belly, and everyone wins.

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