Road trips are something that’s required for any male bonding experiences to occur. That being said, it’s important to properly evaluate when packing and preparing for your trip. The last thing you want is to be stranded somewhere or in a situation where you need something specific, but forgot to pack it. So, follow these basic recommendations when preparing for your trip, and you’ll be good to go!

Spare Tire

It’s surprising how many men don’t have a clue about changing a tire. But don’t worry, AAA can change it for you. Before heading out on your adventure, do a quick run-down of the spare tire, making sure it’s properly inflated and that you have the tire iron and jack.


When all else fails, having a AAA membership can salvage even the worst road trip scenarios. Lock yourself out of your car? They can get you in. Engine failure? They can tow you! AAA is a service much like health insurance: when you need it, you don’t have it. So, you better have it!


Some of the largest states in America are also the hottest. That means there will be long stretches between rest stops and if you break down in 120-degree weather, you’ll need at least a gallon of water per person, per day. Always keep water in the car, as it can save your life.

Toilet Paper

Sometimes, nature calls when you least expect it. Maybe you should skip the spicy chicken wings before you head out on a long trip. Therefore, certain snacks are crucial. Don’t worry about packing healthy snacks like orange slices. Road trips are the time to eat the most heart attack inducing foods, which also happen to bind up your digestive tract, allowing you to need less immediate bathroom breaks.


Imagine the worst-case scenario: you lose your phone! In all reality, GPS functions on phones tend to drain the battery the most, so it’s important you keep a hard-copy of your surroundings. Maps of the entire U.S. in excruciating detail are incredibly cheap, so there’s no excuse not to have a copy in your car.

Doubting yourself on a road trip isn’t a problem you need to have. A simple check-up of your vehicle can mean all the difference. Go have a great trip with your buddies, without having to worry about not being prepared!

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