It’s a universal debate among men: what positions we prefer in the bedroom. With the Kamasutra, there’s an intimidating amount of different positions designed for emphasis of pleasure in certain areas. But what’s the one position that creates fulfilling sex for both partners? The answer is…Cowgirl! Ah, yes, the position simple enough for even the most inexperienced girls and satisfying enough to always come back to. But what makes the cowgirl so great?

She’s In Control

Men love a woman who can be in control. The cowgirl puts the reins in her hands and helps the woman control the tempo and passion. This also puts her in control of her own orgasm. Usually, women need to be vocal with their needs to orgasm, but when she’s on top, she can make the subtle changes herself without skipping a beat.

What A View!

There’s one major reason why men enjoy their women on top. It’s quite a view when she’s bouncing up and down on top of you, am I right? It offers a different angle without sacrificing any pleasure or contorting your body into weird positions.

Break Time

Usually, the guy is the one humping away and giving most of the effort. It’s nice to have a woman who will climb on top and take control with confidence. Cowgirl is obviously more focused on the woman, but who’s to say we can’t enjoy it just as much?

Switch Hitter

The cowgirl is a versatile position that you can reverse into, you guessed it: reverse-cowgirl. This way, the woman can hit all the areas with a different direction of penetration, without limiting herself with a single, simplistic motion. Positions can quickly get boring, so the ability to switch cowgirl to reverse-cowgirl is crucial to a creative sex life.

All men have their preference when it comes to their favorite position. Even if your favorite is missionary, doggy-style, or the magic-mountain, every man should take advantage of the cowgirl, trust us!

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